Collaboration and community make up an integral pillar of our sustainability framework. The company is where it is today with the support of thought leaders, scientists, advocates, and sustainable fashion experts. We also believe deeply in community partnerships to advance social justice movements and know that the activists who have been at the forefront of these worlds deserve greater recognition and larger platforms in order to accelerate their tireless efforts. Below are just a few of our partner organizations, each one a guide that challenges us to reach higher sustainability goals. For all links please click here.



The ACLU is a defender of the rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. With more than 1.7 million members, 500 staff attorneys, thousands of volunteer attorneys, and offices throughout the nation, the ACLU fights government abuse and vigorously defends individual freedoms including speech and religion, a woman’s right to choose, the right to due process, citizens’ rights to privacy and much more. Mara Hoffman has supported the organization through promotional and fundraising efforts and is a great supporter of their work, especially that is focused on racial equity, voter and reproductive rights.

Alante Capital

Alante Capital is a venture capital fund and consultancy providing access to and guidance on engaging with the breakthrough technology driving a climate positive future for the apparel industry. Positioned at the intersection of innovation strategy and finance, Alante Capital validates and scale new technologies that accelerate and support the apparel industry in the transition to a circular, regenerative, and equitable economy. Mara Hoffman has been a member of Alante Capitals Innovation Community since 2022.

Art Start

Art Start, through consistent workshops with long-term partners, including youth organizations, schools, alternative sentencing programs, and residences for youth and families experiencing homelessness, uses the creative process to nurture the voices, hearts, and minds of historically marginalized youth. Mara Hoffman has supported the organization through promotion, volunteering, event hosting and fundraising efforts.


Avow is a non-profit that works to secure unrestricted abortion access for every Texan. It does this by holding lawmakers accountable for their votes to restrict access to abortion, activate pro-choice Texans around the state to lobby for abortion care, and ensure that more abortion access champions are elected to the legislature. Through community-building, education, and political advocacy, Avow is securing unrestricted abortion care and reproductive rights for every Texan. Mara Hoffman has supported the organization through promotional and fundraising efforts, and is a great supporter of their work centered on reproductive rights.

Black Girl Magik

BGM is revolutionizing wellness by integrating thier four pillars—community, spirit, purpose, authenitcity—into an innovative educational brand that empowers Black women to awaken their healer within. Mara Hoffman has supported the organization through promotion, mentoring and fundraising efforts.

Black in Fashion Council

BIFC is a group of editors, models, stylists, media executives, assistants, freelance creatives, and industry stakeholders, aiming to build a new foundation for inclusivity in the fashion industry. For this change to occur, non-Black brands, publications, and people of influence have to carefully examine the roles they’ve played in either helping or hurting Black people who work in these spaces. Mara Hoffman has supported the organization through promotion and and engagement efforts to actively increase representation, equity and inclusivity in the apparel industry.

Blue Business Council

The Blue Business Council is a network of companies working to protect the vital yet threatened coasts, oceans, bays, rivers, and streams that power our economy. As members, we pledge to support policies and practices that protect and preserve this planet’s water resources. Mara Hoffman has supported the organization through promotional and fundraising efforts and is a great supporter of their environmental conservation work.


Canopy is an environmental organization that works with the forest industry’s biggest customers and their suppliers to develop business solutions that protect the world’s last frontier forests. We support ancient and endangered forests during fabric selection by committing to the CanopyStyle campaign. We are also proud signatures of Canopys Pack4Good initiative. Learn More about our CanopyStyle policy and our Pack4Good commitment.

CFDA Foundation, Inc.

The Council of Fashion Designers of America, Inc. (CFDA) is a not-for-profit trade association founded in 1962, whose membership consists of 448 of America’s foremost womenswear, menswear, jewelry and accessory designers. The mission of the CFDA is to strengthen the impact of American fashion in the global economy. The CFDA Foundation, Inc. is a separate not-for-profit organization, which was created to raise funds for charity and industry activities. Mara Hoffman has been a memeber of the CFDA since 2011.

Conscious Fashion Campaign

The Conscious Fashion Campaign, an initiative of the Fashion Impact Fund in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships and the PVBLIC Foundation, spotlights female founders advancing fashion industry change in a digital billboard campaign during New York Fashion Week. Mara Hoffman has been an active member of this community since 2020.

Custom Collaborative

Custom Collaborative trains, mentors, and advocates for and with no/low-income and immigrant women to build the skills necessary to achieve economic success in the sustainable fashion industry and broader society. Custom Collaborative envisions a world in which all women possess the skills, confidence, and agency to design their futures and contribute to a sustainable world — regardless of race or socio-economic background. MH has partnered with CC since 2018, supporting its increased exposure, donating textiles, mentoring students, holding graduation ceremonies, hosting apprentices, collaborating on products, and sitting on its Board of Directors.

Equality Now

Equality Now, utilizing their global network of lawyers, activists, and supporters, holds governments responsible for their international obligation to prohibit all forms of violence and discrimination against women. They use legal advocacy, regional partnership-building, and community mobilization to help create a more just and equal world for women and girls. Mara Hoffman has supported the organization through promotional and fundraising efforts.


The FABRIC Act introduces groundbreaking new workplace protections and manufacturing incentives to cement the US as the global leader in responsible apparel production. Mara Hoffman is publicly endorsing this piece of legislatin.


Fabscrap is a nonprofit that provides textile recycling for fashion and industry companies in New York in order to divert textile waste from landfills. The organization picks up fabric scraps directly from offices, including ours, so that they may be sorted and recycled or reused appropriately. Mara Hoffman has supported the organization through promotion, volunteering and fundraising efforts.

First Nations Development Institute

Since 1980, First Nations has been committed to strengthening tribal assets, helping Native communities restore and retain those assets and their culturally compatible stewardship. Mara Hoffman has supported the organization through promotion, film screenings, and fundraising efforts, and continues to advocate for Indigenous food sovereignty and economic justice for Native communitie.

Four Paws

A global animal welfare organization for animals under direct human influence, which reveals suffering, rescues animals in need, and protects them. Our vision is a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy, and understanding. Mara Hoffman has supported the organization through promotion and fundraising efforts.


Glam4Good partners with non-profits, media outlets, and fashion and beauty brands to provide life-changing makeovers, giveaways and transformative fashion experiences for everyday heroes and people in need. Mara Hoffman has supported the organization through promotion, volunteering and fundraising efforts, and sat on the Board for 5 years.

Hands in Outreach

HIO provides access to education and a supportive social network that empowers marginalized girls and women in Nepal to lift themselves from deep-rooted poverty. Mara Hoffman has supported the organization through promotional and fundraising efforts.

Housing Works

Housing Works fights for funding and legislation to ensure that all people living with HIV/AIDS have access to quality housing, healthcare, HIV prevention, and treatment, among other lifesaving services. Mara Hoffman has supported the organization through promotional and fundraising efforts.

Jane's Due Process

Jane’s Due Process helps young people in Texas navigate parental consent laws and confidentially access abortion and birth control. They provide free legal support, 1-on-1 case management, and stigma-free information on sexual and reproductive health. Mara Hoffman has supported the organization through promotional and fundraising efforts.


LES Girls Club

The Lower Eastside Girls Club connects young women and gender-expansive youth of color throughout New York City to healthy and successful futures through free, innovative year-round programming and mentoring. Mara Hoffman has supported the organization through promotion, volunteering and fundraising efforts.

Model Alliance

Model Alliance was established In 2012 to give models a voice in their work. Since then, Model Alliance has restructured with a broader mission. Through strategic research, policy initiatives, and campaigns, they aim to promote fair treatment, equal opportunity, and more sustainable practices in the fashion industry, from the runway to the factory floor. Mara Hoffman aligns our internal policies to meet the organization's standards and pushes the industry to do the same.

National Network of Abortion Funds

The National Network of Abortion Funds provides provides leadership development, infrastructure support, and organizing technical assistance to over 80 member organizations in their network. Member organizations remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access offering support such as financial assistance, transportation, childcare, translation, doula services, and somewhere to stay. Mara Hoffman has supported the organization through promotional and fundraising efforts.


Nest is a non-profit initiative building a new handworker economy to increase global workforce inclusivity, improve women’s wellbeing beyond factories, and preserve cultural traditions around the world. Serving on the Nest advisory board, Mara is personally committed to providing ongoing strategic council to both artisan and industry partners, and creating greater awareness of handwork’s unmet potential to improve our world.

OJI:SDA' Sustainable Indigenous Futures

OJI:SDA’ is an Indigenous women founded, and led, non-profit organization. The organization expands Indigenous visibility, land literacy and good health by using innovative methods of sharing ancestral knowledge. Mara Hoffman has supported the organization through promotional and fundraising efforts and advocates for the economic advancement of Indigenous communities.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of people worldwide. Mara Hoffman is a staunch supporter of the organization and its work and continues to support through promotion of its mission as well as fundraises for their initiatives.

Responsible Packaging Movement

In 2020, sustainable fashion brand prAna launched the Responsible Packaging Movement—sharing their best practices and long-term learnings around packaging with fellow like-minded brands and their greater prAna community with the aim of making a seismic shift in the industry through a partnership towards good. Mara Hoffman was a launch partner in support of prAna for this initiative.


Retraced is a traceability & sustainability compliance management platform that enables fashion companies to digitize & trace their supply chains, efficiently manage their compliance data, and gain full transparency down to the raw materials. In 2023 we began our partnership with Retraced to better manage and map our supply chain. This partnership supports our ultimate goal of a fully transparent supply chain.


Also known as the California Garment Worker Protection Act, SB62 addresses proper payment of employees in the garment industry and the responsibility for parties contracting to have garment operations performed. The newly passed law went into effect on January 1st, 2022.

Sister Song

SisterSong is a Southern based, national membership organization whose purpose is to build an effective network of individuals and organizations to improve institutional policies and systems that impact the reproductive lives of marginalized communities. Mara Hoffman has supported the organization through promotional and fundraising efforts.

Soul Fire Farm

Soul Fire Farm is an Afro-Indigenous centered community farm committed to uprooting racism and seeding sovereignty in the food system. Their food sovereignty programs reach over 50,000 people each year, including farmer training for Black and Brown growers, reparations and land return initiatives for northeast farmers, food justice workshops for urban youth, home gardens for city-dwellers living under food apartheid, doorstep harvest delivery for food insecure households, and systems and policy education for public decision-makers. Mara Hoffman has supported the organization through promotional and fundraising efforts.


Stix was founded in response to America’s reproductive health justice crisis and empowers confident health decisions at home when it comes to vaginal and reproductive health while destigmatizing health issues, eliminating judgment, expanding accessibility, and delivering peace of mind. In 2022, Stix launched the Restart Donation Bank. Restart, like other emergency contraceptives, helps stop pregnancy from occurring when taken within three days of birth control failure or unprotected sex. Mara Hoffman supports by promoting the organization and fundraises for its initiatives to give all women and non-binary folks the reproductive health access they need.

Sustainable Brooklyn

Sustainable Brooklyn work to bridge gaps between the sustainability movement and targeted communities through resources, events, workshops and curriculums. It provides tools to shift sustainability literacy to encompass cultural existence and celebration, economic liberation, self healing, land sovereignty and community preservation. Mara Hoffman has been a staunch supporter of the organization and its founders and has hosted several of their events and continues to promote their mission.

Sweet Freedom Farm

Sweet Freedom Farm grows & distributes vegetables, grain, herbs, medicines, and maple syrup to the community, prioritizing incarcerated people and their families. Mara Hoffman supports by promoting the organization and fundraises for its initiatives.

Textile Exchange

Textile Exchange (TE) is a global non-profit driving positive action on climate change across the fashion and textile industry. It guides and supports a growing community of brands, retailers, manufacturers, farmers, and others committed to climate action toward more purposeful production, right from the start of the supply chain. Mara Hoffman has been a proud member of TE since 2017.

The Fashion Act

The Fashion Act is meant to make the biggest brands in fashion prioritize sustainability, increase transparency and provide a way to hold them accountable when they're not meeting standards. The bill would use fines to enforce the measures, and those fines would be placed into a community fund earmarked for environmental justice projects around the state. Mara Hoffman has publicly supported this bill since 2022 and has even joined The Fashion Act Coalition to lobby this bill in Albany NY.

Triskelion Art

Triskelion Arts, lovingly referred to as Trisk, is an artist-run, nonprofit organization and live performance venue that offers NYC-based dance and movement artists high-quality, sustainable opportunities to create and present work. They also act as an incubator to counterbalance mainstream ideologies with the goal of connecting artists and audiences while minimizing barriers to entry. Mara Hoffman supports by promoting the organization and fundraises for its initiatives.

Women's March

Women’s March is a women-led movement providing intersectional education on a diverse range of issues and creating entry points for new grassroots activists & organizers to engage in their local communities through trainings, outreach programs and events. Mara Hoffman was honored to feature the organizers of the Women's March in one of our NYFW shows and continues to promote and fundraise for the organization.
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