We prioritize fair treatment of workers and artisans, and aim to minimize waste and energy usage wherever possible throughout the production of each garment.

Factory Visits

We regularly conduct in-person factory visits to ensure that the people producing our clothes are paid fairly, treated respectfully, and working in safe conditions. Our team has developed close, long-term working relationships with the factories in our supply chain, and we consider each factory employee to be a member of the Mara Hoffman team. In an effort to support smaller factories, we’ve implemented initiatives to facilitate business growth and visibility, like sponsoring website development and delivering training programs on transparent record-keeping.

Artisan Support and Advancement

Artisan groups are often made up of women and small producers who are based in developing countries and lack direct access to globalized markets. By re-integrating artisanal products into the global market, we are able to offer better economic opportunities for marginalized groups, while expanding the audience for handcrafted, special pieces.

Art Atlas

Starting with our Fall 2016 line we began working with Art Atlas, a Peruvian organization committed to supporting local community development and artisan independence. Art Atlas contributes a percentage of sales revenue to their Art Atlas Trust Foundation, which fosters childhood education and creates job opportunities for young men and women. Art Atlas is also Fair Trade certified.

Engineered Digital Prints

We’ve chosen to transition the majority of our prints from traditional wet printing to digital printing to reduce fabric waste and allow the flexibility to have small runs of production. Digital printing reduces water waste because the fabric doesn’t need as many wash/rinse cycles, and there are no screens or colorant baths that require cleaning. Instead of forcing garment pieces to fit into a print, we can adjust a print to fit our garment pieces, reducing our overall fabric use.

Manufactured in the USA

A large portion of our Ready to Wear collections are made in the garment district of New York City and all of our swimwear is made in Los Angeles. Our California-based swim manufacturers are longtime Mara Hoffman partners with whom we have close working and personal relationships. Domestic manufacturing fosters a healthy local economy, bolsters national employment levels, creates a smaller carbon footprint, contributes less to pollution, and ensures that employees are treated fairly under the strict USA worker protection laws.

Tier 1 Manufacturing

When deciding where to manufacture, we consider proximity to raw materials as well as each factory’s individual strengths and skills. For example, we produce our organic cotton styles in India because that’s where our organic cotton is grown, therefore decreasing the carbon footprint associated with long-distance shipping. Our partners in India are also able to offer detailed, high quality artisanal work, which in turn means that we can offer employment and economic empowerment to women in those communities.

Mara Hoffman Our Manufacturing - Fabric details

Our Tier 1 Factories by Region

In general, Tier 1 factories manufacture finished goods and represent the last step in the manufacturing process. These factories can offer cutting and sewing, sewing only, or a mix of other services, depending on the size and business model of the factory. We maintain a very close relationship with all of our Tier 1 factories, listed below:

North America

• Pranah Project, New York
• Button Down, New York
• InStyle, New York
• TM Taylor, New York
• Cindy Mei Co, New York
• Evolution, Missouri
• Ocean Breeze, California
• Northridge Mills, California
• Saitex, California
• In Stitches, California

South America

• Peruvian Trends, Peru
• Factor Knitwear, Peru
• Art Atlas, Peru
• Inkasign, Peru
• Mundo Alpaca, Peru
• Lintex, Peru


• Shanghai Jiangzhen Silk Fashion Co, China
• PFFG NanChong Fashion Foundation, China
• Mega Vick Wear, India
• Shahzadi Export Pvt Ltd, India


• Irmaos, Portugal
• Twintex, Portugal
• Tesma, Italy