Wear more, wash less

Properly caring for your garments helps them to last a long time, conserve natural resources and keep textile waste out of landfills. There are some easy steps you can take to extend the life of your Mara Hoffman pieces.

How should I care for my Mara Hoffman garment?

Use cold water

Washing in cold water is better for the environment and better for your garments. This is particularly true for swimwear, which should be rinsed in cold water after each use. Using cold water helps reduce color fading while using less energy.

Hang dry

Instead of throwing everything in the dryer, try to hang dry when possible. This saves electricity and avoids fiber degradation, maintaining the integrity of your garments.

Dry clean selectively

If a garment indicates to “dry clean only,” it likely means that the fabric or construction will not withstand washing. We recommend waiting to clean until absolutely necessary. When it’s time to dry clean, choose a certified environmentally-aware dry cleaner who avoids the use of harmful chemicals like perchloroethylene “perc.” Also, ask them to skip the plastic cover when you pick up.

Try natural steam

Many of our natural fibers only get better with time. Avoid the iron to keep the natural, easy look. To get out minor wrinkles, hang your garment in the bathroom while you shower. The steam created is usually enough to smooth out most fabrics.

What are some ways to extend the life of my Mara Hoffman garment?

Use a tailor

Every body is different and getting things to fit just right can be a challenge. Don’t hesitate to use a local tailor to pinch in, let out, or adjust your garment. Our garments with straps are made for tailoring; we include extra length so a strap can easily be altered to fit you perfectly.


If you still love your piece but need a change, try making it into something new. Shorten a full-length dress or over-dye for a new color; the options are endless.


Minor damages can easily be repaired at home. Fix broken straps and replace lost buttons with the extra piece provided in the button bag. Repair yarn pulls by pulling the loose thread carefully to the next stitch with a dull needle and gently stretching the garment. If you’d like advice on repairing a minor damage, send a photo to info@marahoffman.com and our production team will be happy to provide suggestions.

What should I do when I’m ready to let go of my Mara Hoffman garment?

Send us your Mara Hoffman garments

To help us increase the longevity of our clothing, we have implemented a Mara Hoffman garment take-back system. If you have a Mara Hoffman garment at the end of its life that you’d like to send back to us for responsible repair or recycling, email us at info@marahoffman.com.


There are some great sites that can be used to sell garments you no longer wear. Check out TheRealReal, Ebay, and Poshmark to give your Mara Hoffman piece a second life. You can also research local consignment shops or boutiques in your area that may be accepting new items for resale.


Organize a clothing swap with your friends to trade clothing and help keep garments out of the landfill. We hold swaps at the office throughout the year for employees, too!

Donate or recycle selectively

Garment donations and recycling are a big challenge for the apparel industry. Donation centers are inundated with used garments, so much so that only about 10 – 20% of the items make it into the hands of a new owner (Council for Textile Recycling, 2018). Donation centers typically hand off 80-90% of donated items to textile recyclers, who down-cycle them by turning them into insulation or rags. Alternatively, the donated items are diverted from the recycler to other countries who often don’t need them, so the items are sent directly to landfills overseas.